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Tips for Selling and Buying with FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC

Anti Scam

The internet can be a great tool to find the perfect RV for you or to sell the RV that you have. Sometimes, though, navigating its murky waters can be tough. Below are some tips that can help buyers and sellers avoid unseen shoals.


  • Be wary of overseas buyers. The biggest scam is the oldest one: the "Nigerian" scam. According to the IFCC, "the scheme targets individuals that use Internet classified ads to sell merchandise." There are many versions of the scam but they often entail an overseas buyer in Nigeria, London, Bulgaria, or Canada) trying to buy a product with a bank draft written for more than the asking price ? with the stipulation that the seller send them back a cashier's check for the overage. For more information, go here:

  • Since your information is out in the public for everyone to see, be wary of "phishing." According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group (, "Phishing attacks use 'spoofed' e-mails and fraudulent websites designed to fool recipients into divulging personal financial data such as credit card numbers, account usernames and passwords, social security numbers, etc." For information:

  • Consider using an escrow or alternate payment service to buy the RV.

  • Never send any money back to the purchaser without making certain that their check has cleared your bank.

  • Call your bank and asked if the funds are cleared. Remember, even though you deposit a check, it is still not cleared until your bank tells you that it is.

  • Also, keep in mind, a cashiers check is just a check, and it is not considered cash by your bank. The sender of a cashiers check can always put a stop payment on the cashiers check.

The best option is to have the potential buyer wire funds into your account, however, check with your bank to find out how it works and what protection it affords you.


  • As with any RV purchase, never buy a RV unseen. Go see the RV, drive it, and have an inspection done on the RV by a professional RV Mechanic or have a local surveyor make the inspection for you if you can't be present.

  • Never give out personal information ( i.e. credit card numbers, social security numbers, driver license numbers, etc) over e-mail. The National Consumers League (NCL) ( say, "Don't provide your credit card or bank account number unless you are actually paying for something."

  • The FBI's Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) ( has a lot of great advice:
    • "Try to obtain a physical address rather than merely a post office box and a phone number, call the seller to see if the number is correct and working."

    • "Send them e-mail to see if they have an active e-mail address."

    • "Consider not purchasing from sellers who won't provide you with this type of information."

  • If the seller is company like a dealer or broker, the IFCC also suggests:
    • "Check with the Better Business Bureau from the seller's area."

    • "Don't give out your credit card number(s) online unless the site is a secure and reputable site. Sometimes a tiny icon of a padlock appears to symbolize a higher level of security to transmit data. This icon is not a guarantee of a secure site, but might provide you some assurance."

    • "Before using the site, check out the security/encryption software it uses."

  • Consider using an escrow or alternate payment service to buy the RV.

Recent Scam

FSBO AND SELLERS NEWORK LLC users have recently received e-mails that appear to be scams. For example:
  • An American in Bulgaria who is buying RVs for his clients. The e-mail sounds very much like the Nigerian scam in that the buyer wants to send a cashiers check for more than the asking price of the RV and you, the seller, in return, have to send a check for the difference. The buyer says he will make arrangements to come pick up the RV.

  • A South African company that specializes in the purchase and sales of RVs and "heavy equipment." Their e-mail has many of the same elements of the Nigerian scam.

  • A Canadian company who is willing to buy a RV for more than it's worth as long as the buyer sends a check for the difference to the agent who is working on the shipping of the RV. They will come and get the RV when the buyer's check for the difference clears. Again, this is textbook Nigerian scam.

Other Resources

Here are links to a few E-commerce websites where information on scams and Internet safety can be found:
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